An apprenticeship worked for me

Mar 17, 2016

Emanuel Whitaker have been supporting apprenticeships for it’s entire 179 history, so we know the benefits that apprenticeships bring to our company.

This week we’re supporting National Apprenticeship Week and taking the opportunity to celebrate the achievements of some of our apprentices.

Meet Danny Bosher from Oldham.

Bosher, DannyI now have a great skill and a full time job as a joiner thanks to my apprenticeship.

People think that the only people who do apprentices are those who didn’t do well at school but I did really well and got all my GCSEs – but I had just had enough of education and wanted to get to work as soon as I could.

I knew that I wanted to work in construction as the idea of working in an office was not my idea of fun.

If like me, you don’t like sitting in a classroom then try to get an apprenticeship because you can learn but you are actually doing the job while you are learning. Its miles better than just reading about something.  I know I pick up things much quicker by doing something.  You even get paid to learn as an apprentice which as far as I am concerned is a massive bonus to the scheme.

An apprenticeship worked for me because I get to work on different sites and do all kinds of different jobs.  Emanuel Whittaker does a lot of refurbishment work and my favourite thing is putting in new kitchens for people.  It’s really interesting and the people you are doing the work for are really nice and are dead chuffed at the end of it when they see their new kitchen.

Loads of my mates are unemployed and have been for ages and I was looking for a job myself for ages and so I know how lucky I am to have done an apprenticeship.  Now I have a qualification that will last a lifetime, a good job and no student debt.

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