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Jan 26, 2015

IMG_20150105_110418 IMG_20150105_110342By Philip Peacock, Facilities Manager

We take our responsibility to the environment very seriously and have a robust environmental management system which is successfully and independently assessed against the ISO14001 Standard.  As a result, we are always looking at ways to recycle not just at our Oldham head office but across the various sites we work on.

On the Brindley Estate in Worsley where we are working for City West Housing, we have been giving old panels and concrete to the local pub, the Brindley Arms, who are using them to erect a new fenced area for the children.  And residents are keen to join in our recycling efforts.  They have been donating their old gates and paving stones to neighbours who have said they could re-use them.

In Hyde, where we have replaced bathrooms for Your Housing residents living in Ogden Court a sheltered scheme, residents themselves came up with a great idea. Instead of throwing away their old bathroom accessories such as toilet roll holders, towel rails, glass shelves and mirrors etc. we kept them to one side and the residents committee then decided if they could be recycled to people who may have need of them, or sold.  All monies raised from the sale of these items went towards the residents own social fund.  A great idea that we now suggest at other schemes.

Recently, here at head office we have come up with an innovative way to recycle the numerous wooden pallets that are used to deliver goods.  It was clear the pallets would be ideal for firewood, but who would want so much firewood on a regular basis?  Well as a Beaver Scout Leader for over sixteen years, I immediately thought of the Scouts.

Middlewood Scout Camp Site in Worsley, Salford, is open all year round and provides a range of facilities to scout, guide and other youth groups. With 36 individual camping sites within the perimeter, camp fires are a key part of most activities and that means the camp tries to retain a significant wood pile for its visitors.

A good camp fire is essential for cooking and keeping warm at night and so keeping a well-stocked wood pile is essential.  Thanks to the recycling pallets in this way, Emanuel Whittaker can boast that we are helping to ensure that scouts and guides in this region can carry on camping!

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