Matthew Casey

Mar 11, 2013

Matthew Casey

AGE: 21
LIVES: in Salford
JOB: Rendering Apprentice



I always wanted to be a joiner and so when I left school I went to college to qualify in that field.  But I really messed up because I did two whole years and then left because I didn’t think I would get a job.  Instead I got a job with the NHS doing something I didn’t really enjoy and after realising I had made a big mistake I was really fortunate to get this rendering apprenticeship.

I have nearly finished the apprenticeship and come April I will be fully qualified to render.  A lot of my mates are in dead-end jobs or are out of work and so I am really grateful I will have a trade.  This is a new qualification and I am one of the first to complete it and so that means I should be able to get a really good job earning a decent wage.

I like what I do and my Mum is really proud of me.  If she goes past a building that I have worked on she always tells her mates ‘our Matt did that’ and makes it sound like I did it all on my own, instead of as part of a team!

A lot of people don’t know what they want to do when they leave school and so my advice would be don’t commit to anything like an apprenticeship or college course until you are really sure.  I made a mistake early on but I am lucky that things worked out OK for me.

Even though I love this I am still disappointed with myself that I did not stick at the joinery which is my first love.  I have some of the qualifications and so once this is finished I am going to find out if there is a way I can complete the joinery too.  But if I can’t do that now I am still young enough to do it later and the main thing is that thanks to this Emanuel Whittaker apprenticeship I will be a fully qualified tradesman and so will have a great future ahead of me.

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