Why we are proud to support local labour

Aug 27, 2015

By John Gallagher – Contracts Director

We are part of the Procure Plus procurement organisation which means we are also committed to its Social Value and Refurbishment Framework.

The framework includes numerous points such as making measurable social and economic differences to our customers neighbourhoods, trying to procure services from the social sector and attempting to employ as much local labour as possible.

We have been established since 1837 and looking through our archives it’s apparent that Emanuel Whittaker has always tried to adhere to similar principles, particularly when it comes to creating work for local people.  In the days when our work was only in Oldham and its immediate vicinities, the majority of our workforce were locals – right the way through the company from apprentices to the Board.

Today we work across the North West and when it comes to recruiting for new positions we like to give locals first refusal.  For example, we have recently opened a new office in Salford due to the large amount of work we have with clients such as Salix Homes, Contour Homes and City West Housing Trust.  We wanted new staff members to work there and so advertised and recruited from the Salford area.

Regular blog readers will know that when we take on apprentices for new contracts, we work with our clients and Procure Plus to ensure those young people are from the local area and we will also look to work with sub-contractors who are locally based.

Why bother?  Firstly, we believe a commitment to local labour is a commitment to the community as a whole and if you can help your local community, why wouldn’t you?   Local also means lower staff turnover and reduced absenteeism because people don’t have far to travel – and that’s also good for the environment.

Having local staff gives us a strong feel for what’s happening in the area and we better understand any issues that may be happening.  Having home-grown employees’ means that our areas have pride in us too and so it’s easier to get new recruits who are keen to work with a company that enjoys a good reputation locally.

Recruiting locally is good for us, good for our staff and good for our local communities – we wouldn’t have it any other way!

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