Recycling should be a way of life

Jun 18, 2015

By Rukhsana Nabi – Partnerships Manager

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHere at Emanuel Whittaker we are really proud of our commitment to the environment which includes recycling and we aim to reuse and recycle all the time.  As Recycle Week ends we thought it was a great opportunity to have a quick look at the sort of recycling our teams have been doing across our various customer sites and see if there was anywhere that deserved a special mention.

And it’s the residents of City West Housing in Worsley who grabbed our attention.  If we had to give an award to tenants for recycling – they may just win it!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPart of our contract is carrying out environmental work and the residents have been really keen to recycle things like fence panelling and paving stones.  For example, Mr Woodall asked if he could have old paving stones for his back garden – we thought this was a great idea and moved old stones from our compound to his property.  Scott Hyland from Springside Grove also asked for some old paving stones and a small amount of topsoil for a project he was doing on his home.  We were able to provide Scott with the materials we had just removed from his neighbour’s property and help the environment and the local community.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThese are typical of dozens of examples of  how residents in Worsley have asked for their old items to be reused by friends and neighbours and how people have said; please don’t throw that out, because I can use it.

Even the local pub has got in on the act. The landlady of the Brindley Arms is keen to develop an enclosed family area and when she found out we were removing fence panelling and posts she asked if we could let the pub have them as that would really help.  We were more than pleased to contribute to the community area and recycle old, unwanted items.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAs a building company with a commitment to the environment we have a robust environmental management system which is successfully and independently assessed against the ISO14001 Standard and we do try to think of a use for everything.  For instance, at our head office we have a lot of wooden pallets which are left over from the various deliveries we receive and these have been recycled by Middlewood Scout Camp Site in Worsley, Salford who will use them in campfires.

Of course, recycling is for life, not just for one week a year and offers great ideas and advice of how to recycle anything in the home.    Let us know about any weird and wonderful things you have recycled.

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