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Sep 20, 2013

By Clive Newton, Managing Director

Emanuel Whittaker Charity Cheques 0010For those people who are regular followers of our blog, you will remember that last year we celebrated our 175th anniversary.

As part of the overall celebrations we decided to set up a fund-raising challenge which saw our staff being split into teams and each given £50 to kick start their fund-raising efforts.  13 teams were set up and each team went off to do what it could to raise the most money.

It was great to see so many fundraising initiatives including a car wash, making and selling handmade garden furniture and kitchen equipment, a sponsored weight loss, a sponsored silence, various sponsored walks, a bungee jump and a meditation evening as well as various sporting events including cricket and golf.

It was the golf day that raised the most cash with the Shrinking Violets team contributing £2,794.49 to the overall pot.

As there was so much going on. the money came in quite slowly and it was only recently we have been able to total up the year’s fund-raising which came in at £12,009.17 – that’s over a thousand pounds a month, for twelve months.

Our staff have done brilliantly but we would not have been so successful without the support of our clients, sub-contractors, friends and friends and family and so THANK YOU to everyone.  It was lovely to be able to hand over the cash to our nominated charities – the Christie Charity and Dr Kershaw’s hospice.

We asked The Christie if our money could go towards helping young people. As approximately 50% of young cancer patients will have a haematological cancer (blood cancer) the Christie charity is therefore hoping to raise just over £10 million to build a new integrated treatment centre to replace the existing Young Oncology Unit (YOU) and Haematology and Transplant Unit (HTU).

The other half of the cash will go to Oldham’s hospice. Dr Kershaw’s needs nearly £5,000 every day to be able to continue to operate its specialist services and maintain the outstanding standard of care – and it’s lovely to think we are helping to keep this valuable service operational.

Obviously the anniversary is now over, but I think many staff have caught the ‘fund raising bug’ and where possible we will try to help with either financial or practical support.   Go to our Facebook page to see some images of our fund-raising efforts.  https://www.facebook.com/EmanuelWhittaker.

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