Census Relief

May 25, 2021

The Emanuel Whittaker site team have recently completed the installation of a new shower room for Together Housing resident Marjorie Rowney.

Whilst carrying out her routine daily visits, Resident Liaison Officer, Louise Whittaker noticed that Marjorie appeared a little upset following delivery of a reminder regarding her Census information.

Despite being a sprightly 93 year old, Marjorie struggles with her hearing and eye sight, and isn’t too savvy with the internet.  However, she firmly believed that she had completed her Census over the telephone, so was somewhat anxious when she received a reminder.

Louise was happy to offer to help. After making Marjorie aware about divulging personal information, Louise completed the Census online, and put Marjorie’s mind at rest.

Marjorie was very grateful, and sent the team a lovely card, thanking Louise for her kindness and Together Housing for her lovely shower room.

Marjorie told the team that she even enjoyed the experience of having the shower room fitted, as she explained… she hadn’t seen anyone for over a year!

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Clean Sweep

May 25, 2021

The Emanuel Whittaker site team working with Rochdale Boroughwide Housing at Lower Bamford couldn’t help but notice that the area around the site had become a bit of an eyesore.  Over a period of time, the area had become a popular ‘fly tipping’ spot and was strewn with litter. Sadly, left unchecked, fly tipping only gets worse over time, and can attract vermin as well as attracting more dumping.

So the team decided to do something about it.  As the works to homes came to an end, the team put their efforts into giving the area a good clean up.  They removed the fly tipping to the site skips and cleared away the litter.  Finally, they swept the whole area clean, leaving it neat and tidy before they left.

#littleactsofkindness #rbh #keepitclean

Plumb Job

May 25, 2021

Jeffery and Agnes Naphtali of Victoria Square where delighted to be getting a new washing machine… but what would they do with the old one?
The couple need not have worried, as the Emanuel Whittaker site team soon came to the rescue. They enlisted the support of fire stopping partner and sub-contractor ALPHA, Carl Wigglesworth was more than happy to help, and pulled out the old appliance to make space ready for the new one to be installed.
Victoria square was the first purpose build housing in Manchester and is now a listed building. Interestingly – Agnes was born at Victoria Square.

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Double Vision

May 25, 2021

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Stand? …no skip!

May 25, 2021

Whilst carrying out kitchen refurbishment works on Mathew Street on behalf of Together Housing, Site Manager Mark Chesworth noticed a resident had an unused television stand taking up space. The disabled resident had no way of disposing of the stand, so Mark very kindly offered to remove it for him.  Mark promptly took it away and disposed of it safety in the site skip.

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