Problem Solved

Oct 25, 2023

On a sunny day at Rectory Green, you will often find the residents catching some rays in one of the various garden areas.

Resident, Michael Mooney, called into the Emanuel Whittaker site office one day to see if we could fix the damaged tube from a parasol base that is used in one of the communal areas.

Emanuel Whittaker sub-contractor, PBI Engineering, kindly welded the bolt back on to the steel cylinder.

Emanuel Whittaker Joiner, Mick Crossan reassembled the repaired stand.

#littleactsofkindness #whittakersway @Prestwich&NorthWesternHousingAssociationLtd

Helping Hand

Oct 24, 2023

Rectory Green resident, Sheila Helman, was leaving for her holiday one morning and realised she couldn’t carry her suitcase down the stairs from her top floor flat.

Elite’s Scaffolder, Hayden Nuttall, intervened and gave Sheila the assistance she needed.

A delighted, but apologetic Sheila said she had probably packed too much.

Better to have it packed and not need it Sheila, have a great holiday!

#littleactsofkindness #whittakersway @Prestwich&NorthWesternHousingAssociationLtd

Jump into action

Sep 27, 2023

Rectory Green resident, Robert Grice, was ready to leave early one morning and realised he had left his car head lights on overnight, which had drained the battery.

Robert popped into the Emanuel Whitaker site office to see if we could help.

JB roofer Matt supplied the leads and Sovereign window fitter Jamie Schofield provided the jump start Robert needed and it wasn’t long before he was on his way, waving his thanks as he drove off.

Well done team!

#littleactsofkindness #whittakersway @Prestwich&NorthWesternHousingAssociationLtd

Easier on the eye

Sep 27, 2023

Storage space is limited on Rectory Green so we’ve utilised suitable areas for storing materials, to avoid placing further storage cabins in valuable limited car parking spaces.

A couple of residents thought the fenced area looked a little unsightly, so JB roofing decided to use artificial climbing foliage to help blend the area into the surrounding gardens, so it is easier on the eye.

Well done guys!

#littleactsofkindness #whittakersway @Prestwich&NorthWesternHousingAssociationLtd