Census Relief

May 25, 2021

The Emanuel Whittaker site team have recently completed the installation of a new shower room for Together Housing resident Marjorie Rowney.

Whilst carrying out her routine daily visits, Resident Liaison Officer, Louise Whittaker noticed that Marjorie appeared a little upset following delivery of a reminder regarding her Census information.

Despite being a sprightly 93 year old, Marjorie struggles with her hearing and eye sight, and isn’t too savvy with the internet.  However, she firmly believed that she had completed her Census over the telephone, so was somewhat anxious when she received a reminder.

Louise was happy to offer to help. After making Marjorie aware about divulging personal information, Louise completed the Census online, and put Marjorie’s mind at rest.

Marjorie was very grateful, and sent the team a lovely card, thanking Louise for her kindness and Together Housing for her lovely shower room.

Marjorie told the team that she even enjoyed the experience of having the shower room fitted, as she explained… she hadn’t seen anyone for over a year!

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