Emanuel Whittaker to the rescue

Remember there’s no such thing as a small act of kindness. Every act creates a ripple with no logical end

Scott Adams

City West resident Mr Barton was having some long awaited works carried out to his bungalow on Carrfield Avenue. The contractors carrying out the works, Vaughns, were putting the finishing touches to his new wet room.  But Mr Barton had a hospital appointment, so he left the operatives working on his home with a key, thinking he would be back in good time.

Unfortunately Mr Barton’s appointment took longer than he originally thought, and when he returned home Vaughn’s operatives had locked up and left site. The contractors must have thought Mr Barton had given them some spare keys and had a set of his own to get back in.

Mr Barton was locked out, so he popped in to the Emanuel Whittaker Site Office on Pennington Close, where the team are completing the refurbishments to the sheltered scheme. Although Whittakers were not the contractor working on his property, the site team sprung into action to help him get back into his bungalow.  Resident Liaison Officer, Sue Crocker offered Mr Barton a cup of tea – but word must have gone around the estate about how bad Sue’s brews were so he declined!  The Site team then contacted Robert at the Little Hulton Housing Office who put us through to housing repairs team.

Site Manager John Millward recalls “Chris in the repairs team helped us out – he was brilliant very efficient getting hold of the Painters Vaughn’s who promptly returned the key.” Mr Barton relaxed in the site office until Vaughn’s returned his key and was escorted back to his home to finally enjoy his new wet room.