Don’t Cancel Christmas

Remember there’s no such thing as a small act of kindness. Every act creates a ripple with no logical end

Scott Adams

cancel christmasCity West Housing Trust tenants, Mr and Mrs Dowson of Hazelmere Avenue were going to ‘cancel Christmas’ when they heard that they were to be decanted into a temporary home just before Christmas.

The couple have been waiting for some time for a reasonable property to come available so that they could be decanted to allow essential structural and refurbishment works to take place on their home. When they were approached by Emanuel Whittaker’s Resident Liaison Officer, Louise Langford, advising them that a property was available, they were keen to get moving.

They were to pack all their belongings and leave them in storage, just taking the essentials to their new home. So, despite their love of all things festive, they told Louise that they were prepared to ‘cancel Christmas’ to allow the move to go ahead.

After getting the couple comfortably moved into their temporary new home, Louise popped round to see how they were settling in. But instead of taking a house plant to welcome them to their new home, Louise took them a fully decorated (but mini) live Christmas tree.

So thanks to Emanuel Whittaker, Mr And Mrs Dowson still had a little Christmas cheer in the form of a tree which they are going to plant in their garden when they return home. They explained that they were much less stressed knowing that the works are progressing on their home, and were looking forward to returning in the New Year.