Paul is Duchy’s Mr Fixit

It just shows how the Site team at Duchy have fitted into local community life!

When local resident Diva Regina Dos Pereira sprung a leak in her home, it was the Emanuel Whittaker site team at Enville Road who neighbours ran to for help.

Portuguese Diva doesn’t speak any English and panicked when she discovered a burst pipe in her home on Enville Road. Her neighbour struggled to help her, so she popped round to the Site Office for help.

Site Manager Paul Robinson was quick to respond.  He dashed round to Diva’s home, located the leak, turned off the water supply at the stop tap to minimise the damage, and rang the Salix Help Desk to request a repair on Diva’s behalf.

It’s all in a day’s work for Paul, but meant a lot to Diva.