Anyone for Cricket?

Remember there’s no such thing as a small act of kindness. Every act creates a ripple with no logical end

Scott Adams

Despite the gloomy weather, the Duchy Dukes and Black Friars fundraising teams put on a charity cricket match at Heywood Cricket Ground on a dreary Friday evening in July.

The match was played by the Emanuel Whittaker staff team, including: Clive Newton; John Gallagher; Paul Robinson; Ian McCune; Tam Graham; John Woolley; Peter Houghton; John Millward; Terry Kidman; Alex Whittaker and Tony Crocker.

They were challenged by the Operatives/sub-contractors team made up of:  Jon Collum; James Kershaw; Gary Brook; Mick Healey; Tom Siwka; John McCall; Alastair Moffatt (M&R); Dave Street (M&R); and Billy Caine (RMS).

A very efficient looking Pauline Hodson was umpire whilst Louise Langford kept score for the match.

Well the true Emanuel Whittaker spirit shone through on the cold and wet evening, as against all odds the staff team lead Subby’s and operatives into battle on the cricket field. Unfortunately for the Staff team some very fine batting was delivered by some of the batsman from the operative’s side and the final score was 43 runs to 70 to the operatives.

Thanks to every one including family and friends for making the evening a very enjoyable success.

Emanuel Whittaker Joiner, Jon Collum took the Man of the Match before enjoying refreshments from the bar and a meat and potato pie supper kindly donated by RMS Electrical.

The event raised over £125 for the teams, that will go towards their £50 Challenge totals.

More images can be seen on the Blackfriars fundraising Facebook page.