Seeing the benefits of recycling

Remember there’s no such thing as a small act of kindness. Every act creates a ripple with no logical end

Scott Adams

The eco friendly residents of Vertical Villages have been keen to do their bit for the environment and make the most of the major refurbishment works taking place on Blackfriar Court.

Once they found out that the solar panels on their roof were to be removed to make way for the new energy efficient EcoPod, they started a hunt to find a new home for the panels so that they could be re-used.

Then they found a new use for the old baths that are to be removed. These will be donated to a local company in the heart of the City, that will use them to grow organic vegetables to sell to local people.

So we’re sure residents will be delighted when they realise that Emanuel Whittaker have also found a way to recycle the windows that are to be replaced in the Blackfriar block.

Emanuel Whittaker have now established a programme with window suppliers, Sovereign Group, for the recycling of UPVC and glass at no cost to the company other than transport costs. The windows will be dismantled and separated, and taken away to be recycled.

John Woolley, Site Manger for the external works at Blackfriar Court said: “With the help of Vertical Villages, Salix Homes and our supply chain, Emanuel Whittaker are now able to provide a fully efficient recycling programme on the Blackfriar site”.