Nothing is too much trouble!

Jun 21, 2023

Rectory Green resident, Bernard Eccleston, accidently locked himself out of his flat and popped into the Emanuel Whittaker site office, as he wasn’t sure on what to do.

Emanuel Whittaker Resident Liaison Officer, Garry Holt, asked Bernard if anyone had a spare key, he confirmed his friend did, but they lived 3 miles away and that he would have to walk.

Emanuel Whittaker Joiner, Mick Crossan, offered to drive Bernard and bring him back. Bernard said afterwards that he was so relieved, as he originally thought he may have to pay for a lock change.

Well done team!

#littleactsofkindness #whittakersway @Prestwich&NorthWesternHousingAssociationLtd

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