Puuurfect Result!

Oct 26, 2022

Emanuel Whittaker are currently working on a window and door programme with Great Places. During the initial survey stage, Resident Liasion Officer, Sarah Kershaw and Site Manager Phil Taylor visited a lady in Radcliffe, who they later reported really needed additional support.

The flat was in a very poor state, dirty and lots of flys, as well as clutter and hoarding which would need moving prior to fitting new windows. Kathy at Great Places arranged to do a joint visit with Sarah at Emauel Whittaker, which led to them having deep concerns for this resident’s mental health.

Sarah and Kathy went shopping to buy cleaning products, as well as some chocolate for the resident and cat food for the resident’s cat, they then started cleaning the flat whilst windows were being fitted.

Outcome: Customer now has a decluttered, clean home with brand new windows. She is getting financial support from Great Places, as well as a new mattress and help from the NHS!

Thank you to everybody who helped towards this fabulous outcome!

Another happy customer (and kitty)!

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