‘Ramped’ Access

Feb 15, 2023

PNWHA Resident, David Crane, who lives at Rectory Green uses an electric scooter due to his mobility issues. His partner, Catherine Higginbottom, highlighted that our recently installed site compound would hinder his exit and entrance into the building for hospital appointments.

The site team thought a ramp would be an ideal solution to resolve the issue, so it was arranged to have a lightweight aluminium ramp constructed by sub-contractor PBI Engineering.

This order was asked to be treated as a priority, as hospital appointments were imminent and we didn’t want to inconvenience David any further.

Ms Higginbottom was extremely grateful, stating that it is very much appreciated, and also adding that David’s appointments will no longer be a problem.

#littleactsofkindness #whittakersway @Prestwich&NorthWesternHousingAssociationLtd

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