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Jun 27, 2021

Victoria Square, built in 1889 to house mill workers, was the first purpose built housing in the country. It is now, justifiably, a listed building for its architectural and historic significance.

The Emanuel Whittaker site team have been carrying out fire stopping works on the building. Whilst working, they have been uncovering some interesting artefacts that expose the history of this great Ancoats landmark…

Firstly, the team uncovered a piano book in the loft space that they suspect is from 1937. The treasured book has some hand written notes inside, an unusual find in such a tenement block?

The team also found a notice of increase of rent rates whilst doing a front door replacement.  The notice is dated 1957 and addressed to 260 Victoria square… but there is no number 260.

What an interesting insight into the building, we just had to share with you.

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