Stranded Sofa

Oct 20, 2021

Salix Homes Residents, Mr & Mrs Davey, had a new sofa delivered to Canon Green Court, however they were left devastated when the delivery men didn’t take it up to their flat on the 3rd floor!

Site Manager, Alan Tinsley and Resident Liaison Officer, Vicky Gee, told them not to worry, as they would find a way.

With no labour on Site Vicky and Alan decided to sort it themselves.

So with team effort along with Mr & Mrs Davy, they managed to get the sofa up to the 3rd floor and into Mr & Mrs Davey’s lounge.

With much relief and joy, the next day Mrs Davey bought Alan and Vicky some delicious chocolates to say thank you.

#littleactsofkindness  #whittakersway  #salixhomes  #procureplus

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