Ethos and Values

Contractor of Choice

At Emanuel Whittaker, we pride ourselves on our 100% client retention rate, and we want to remain the ‘Contractor of Choice’ for our clients and their customers.  We believe the success of our business and resultant client retention is due to a number of factors:

Respect for our Clients – Although we have experience of delivering several million pounds worth of improvement works throughout the years, we recognise that each client is individual and should be treated as such.  This means adapting our services to meet their needs, and not expecting them to accept our approach.

Respect for our Customers – We have the greatest respect for our customers, their homes and neighbourhoods.  We will tailor our services to meet the needs of our customers, and will never be indifferent to their individual needs.

Respect for our People – We are a company who treat our 100+ directly employed staff, our suppliers and sub contractors fairly and honestly, paying in full and on time – no excuses.  In return, we reap the benefits of loyalty, quality service and a commitment to continuous improvement. Our staff are characterised by their integrity, professionalism and commitment.  We will continue to invest in our staff to ensure they are able to meet our high standards.


We have strong values which run throughout the organisation:

Integrity – Our success depends on the integrity of the whole organisation. We are open and honest in all our dealings with our customers, clients and other agents.

Reliability – An obvious element in the success of our business is being a contractor that our clients can rely on to deliver a high quality service, time after time.

Consistency – We believe that all our customers deserve to be our priority – whether we have been working with them for one month or ten years.  All of our customers can expect to receive continuity in the teams we allocate to the works as well as the delivery of our services.

Partnership – We collaborate with our clients, their customers, our supply chain and other agents.  We will give our time, resources and expertise to others if the ultimate outcome is to provide a better service to our customers, whilst improving the lives of local people.

Excellence – We work hard to maintain our reputation for providing excellent standards of workmanship at best value rates, whilst continuing to innovate and improve.