• Baby Shower!


    Emanuel Whittaker Site Manager, Stephen Ilkiw, kindly donated some baby clothes to a resident on the site where he is working. Stephen’s wife washed and ironed the clothes so they looked good as new… what a lovely gesture. #whittakersway #littleactsofkindness @kirkleescouncil

  • Rad Relocated


    During a kitchen upgrade at MSV resident Andrew Roberts’ home, the Emanuel Whittaker team noticed that the hall radiator was restricting his access with his wheelchair. So the team relocated the radiator, making it easier for him to get around his bungalow. Andrew was very grateful. #littleactsofkindness #WhittakersWay #allinadayswork @MSVHousing @ProcurePlus 

  • Mental Health Awareness Week 2022


      Mental Health Awareness Week 2022 This is Mental Health Awareness Week, and this years’ theme is ‘loneliness’. Throughout the week Mental Health UK are encouraging us all to build meaningful connections with our friends, family, colleagues and communities.  Emanuel Whittaker FRA Site Supervisor, Adam Berry is a strong advocate of mental health support, and … [more]

  • Happy customer


    FCHO resident Sharon Dyson sent a beautiful thank you card to the Emanuel Whittaker team to show her appreciation for her newly refurbished kitchen and bathroom. Sharon is one very happy customer! #littleactsofkindness #whittakersway @firstchoicehomesoldham

  • Mirror, mirror on the wall


    When Victoria Square resident Chris Holgate approached Site Manager Katie Lockwood for help lifting and installing some heavy mirrors at his home, Katie enlisted the help of Site Manager Sean Hobson to lift and install the mirrors. Chris had also come to know our Resident Liaison Officer Janice Nolan from a previous scheme is Mosside, … [more]