Integrated team working is the key. Integrated teams deliver greater process efficiency and by working together over time can help drive out the old style adversarial culture…

Sir John Egan

For 175 years Emanuel Whittaker have delivered a quality product and a quality service. We were at the forefront when modern forward thinking companies reacted to the ‘Latham Report’, to Egan’s ‘Rethinking Construction’ and to the ‘Respect for People’ agenda.  Things have, however, moved on since Latham and Egan showed that inefficiencies pointed the way to the need for greater partnering and collaboration.

Emanuel Whittaker have been involved in partnering arrangements since 1999, and over 90% of our work is from long term partnerships.  In all of our partnering schemes, we have demonstrated to clients that we are consistent, prepared to share our expertise, to use innovation and value engineering to the benefit our clients and their customers.  We have proven ourselves to be collaborative and non-adversarial when working with other partner contractors, and this has resulted in us retaining our partnering status with all of our clients.

Our longevity and success in securing and retaining long term partnership arrangements is also due to our commitment to adding value for our Clients and our customers.