Arch angel Sue

Remember there’s no such thing as a small act of kindness. Every act creates a ripple with no logical end

Scott Adams

Sue gets to grips with the arch

When Resident Liaison Officer Sue Crocker called on Norma and John Rigby at 16 Rendlesham, she found herself taking on a little construction project of her own!

All Emanuel Whittaker site staff are expected to give residents a little helping hand when they are preparing their homes for improvement works.  This usually means providing a few packing boxes and helping to move bulky items.

But when she called on Norma and John, they pointed out a broken ornamental archway that they had been meaning to get rid of for some time.  The planned external works to their home had even prompted them to buy a new one. The problem was they were struggling to remove the old one, let alone construct the new one.

So Sue was quick to lend a hand.  She set to dismantling the old archway, and even got rid of it for them.  No easy task – but when she’d done that, she got the help of Site Manager Paul Dransfield to put the new archway together for the Rigby’s.

It’s just another satisfied customer for Sue and Paul, but it meant so much more for Norma and John who were overjoyed at the very kind gesture.